How To Play Pai Gow Poker?


Pai Gow poker game combines the Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American Poker Game. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. A joker in a deck of 52 cards is sometimes used as an Ace. Pai Gow poker has become one of the most exciting and popular casino games.

Players can also find Pai Gow poker on online casino platforms. Several online arenas are offering Pai Gow poker. However, the best one to play this game is daftar pkv games. Pkv games not only offer Pai Gow poker, but it also offers several other varieties of casino games.

Basics of Pai Gow poker

Pai Gow poker is played with the traditional method of a 5-card hand. The most exciting fact about this poker variation is that players do not play against other players. Instead, players play against the dealer. The essential 5-card poker hands available are:

  • Royal flush: Under the category of a royal flush, a Suit of cards like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten come.
  • Straight flush: Straight flush is a set of 5 successive cards in the same suit. For instance, 2,3,4,5,6 of hearts.
  • Four of the same cards: It includes four same cards, but they are from different suits.
  • Flush cards: Flush cards are the five cards of the same suit. For instance, five cards of hearts or five cards of the diamond.
  • House full: House full refers to when a player has three cards of the same suit, and two cards have the same rank.
  • Straight: Straight is a set of 5 cards in a sequence. For instance, a player can have a sequence of cards like 2,3,4,5,6.
  • Three same cards: Out of 5 cards, when a player has three same cards.
  • Two pairs: In this, two cards are of the same rank, and some other two cards will be of another rank.
  • Single pair: Out of 5 cards, only two matching cards.
  • High card: only one highest-ranking card in the available hand.

How to play a round?

The first step to playing a round in Pai Gow poker is to choose your dealer or banker wisely. The game’s primary goal is to defeat the dealer and not the other players on the table. Players can change their dealers after each played round in some online and offline casinos.

The next step is to place your bet before you get your cards. You should place your bet before the dealer distributes the hand. In this game, minimum and maximum bets are decided before the game starts. So a player has to place their bet between that minimum and maximum bet amount.

After one has placed your bet, you have to wait for the dealer to distribute the hands to each player. After that, the dealer will deal with its seven cards and arrange them. Then, players can look into their cards and arrange them into two hands.

Tips to win in a round

The first tip to win in a round is to compare a player’s 2card hand with the dealer’s two-card hand. For instance, if a player has a pair and the dealer also has a pair, the pair with the highest rank wins.

The next step for winning is to compare your 5-card hand with the dealer’s 5-card hand. In the case of a tie, the dealer always wins the hand.

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